Hotel Line

Cicogna bed


Tubular frame 40 x 30 mm cold rolled

Epoxy powder oven coated according to EU standards
• Double bed and day sofa
• Tubular base structure 40 x 30 mm and square tubular back 25 mm cold rolled
• Also available in “Italia” version
• Dimensions:
Overall dimensions 80 x 197 cm
Bed surface 80 x 190 x 35 cm
Overall dimensions when closed 80x190x11 cm.
Open 80 x 190 x 35 cm. Space available for mattress 80 x 190 x 18 cm.
Height 35 cm. Back height 48 cm

Belgio pull-out


Tubular frame 40 x 30 mm cold rolled

Epoxy powder oven coated according to EU standards
• Snap-lift legs
• 13 slats in beech multiply 68 x 8 mm
• Slat housing with nylon supports
• Dimensions: 80 x 190 mm Height open 35 cm, closed about 11 cm



Tubular frame 40 x 30 mm cold rolled

13 slats in beech multiply mm 68 x 8 housed in frame with nylon supports This article is particularly suitable for hospitality facilities. It is practical to use and move, wherever needed.
• Dimensions: overall dimensions 80 x 198 cm for mattress 80 x 190. Base height 35 cm



Bases with profile 40×30 and tubular back dia. 50.
Can be separated and is complete with steps and side

Available in colours: Red, Black, White.



Designed for hospitality facilities

• Entire backs, cannot be separated, supplied without steps and side. Available in colour: black.
• Dimensions: 80 x 202 cm

Planet 80


Tubular frame 80 x 20 mm cold rolled

Legs in plastic material dia. 75 mm
• 14 slats in beech multiply 68 x 8 mm
housed in a U-shaped profile mock frame with nylon supports
• Central tubular reinforcement 40 x 30 mm
• Epoxy powder oven coated according to EU standards

• legs with inner castors
• Dimensions: made to measure. Standard height 35 cm

Polimer 80


Profile section frame 40 x 30 mm cold rolled and extra-strong polymer blades

Tubular legs dia. 40 mm
This article for the hotel industry where hygiene is considered an undisputable priority.
Advanced research has led to the use of materials which are not attackable by insects and mites, but which at the same time provide high levels of comfort.
• Dimensions: 80 x 190 cm. Standard height 35 cm

Pyros Ignifugo


Fireproof mattress in D35HR polyurethane, class 1 IM
• Padding in fireproof polyester 500 g/sq m
• Fireproof polyester and polypropylene fabric
• Mattress height 18 cm

Executive Fireproof Version


• “Bonnel” spring mattress
• Mattress height 21 cm
• Fireproof class 1 IM

Palace Fireproof Version


Fireproof memory foam mattress with 4 cm + 14 sheet in waterfoam
• Mattress height 20 cm, fully-removable cover
• Fireproof class 1 IM

Kristal Fireproof Version


Mattress in Waterfoam without CFC
• Mattress height18 cm, edged
• Fireproof class 1 IM