Memory Mattresses

Leonflex Memory foam mattresses:

The technology of state-of-the-art materials, used expertly and combined together to ensure optimum well-being and excellent quality sleep.


Cutting-edge technology meets nature

Excellence and practicality with just one name: Paradise, for those who want only the best. The purity of materials studied in every detail and carefully matched to offer high quality comfort. Waterlily, memory DS 60, memory W.L. and a soft layer of Breeze ocean to dissipate heat. Upholstered in luxurious linen fabric. Height 24 cm.


The comfort that delivers well-being

The outstanding quality of the materials guarantees perfect comfort even with heavy weights. An extra-rigid base supports a flexible and welcoming core. A soft top panel of Breeze facilitates heat dispersion. Amicor cover.


Air system

The heat-sensitive material is coupled to solid D30 polyurethane thanks to a series of ripples that allow differentiated loadbearing
capacity for different areas of the body. The grooves in the memory foam guarantee outstanding breathability and therefore better rest. Breathable perimeter band in 3D fabric. Medium/high loadbearing capacity.


Comfort and elegance

A 7 cm layer of memory foam harmoniously joins a layer of water foam thanks to a series of grooves designed to guarantee maximum breathability and comfort. Antidust mite and anti-bacterial Silver fabric. Height 27 cm.


Synonymous with strength and comfort

7 cm of heat-sensitive Memory WL on top of 14 cm of density 30 polyurethane for a mattress that offers a feeling of perfect comfort. Covered in bio-cotton fabric, divisible into two parts and with a breathable perimeter band in 3D fabric. High load-bearing capacity.


Designed specifically to accompany the movement of electric bases and favour breathability through horizontal grooves on both sides of the water foam support. All accompanied by a 5 cm layer of soft memory foam for regenerating rest.



Mattress with a 4 cm sheet of heat-sensitive Memory Foam. Lower sheet of polyurethane with medium load-bearing capacity. Removable and washable cotton blend fabric cover.


Soft topper with elastic at corners, suitable for all types of mattress to increase their comfort. Available in 3 cm and 5 cm thicknesses.