Memory Mattresses



A combination of cutting-edge technology and nature

Layer of HD90 memory foam on 6 cm of Biogreen containing essential oils, plus 12 cm of polyurethane HR45 with eucalyptus.
This mattress is covered with top-quality 3D contact fabric which enhances its quality. The cover can be removed and split into two parts for easier washing. Breathable perimeter strip in 3D fabric. High supporting capacity.



Expression of technology and care in choosing materials

This mattress provides all the comfort of the heat-sensitive memory foam and the wellbeing of the essential oils contained in the underlying polyurethane layers. Thanks to the numerous grooves, it provides breathability and comfort including when used with motorized bases where natural structural flexing is required. The covering is in precious wrapped bamboo, which can be split into two to make washing easier. Breathable 3D fabric perimeter band. Medium supporting capacity



Air system

The heat-sensitive material combines with solid polyurethane D30 through a series of waves which provide differentiated support zones for the different parts of the body. The grooves in the memory foam make this mattress very breathable and therefore ensure quieter rest. Breathable 3D fabric perimeter band. Medium supporting capacity.



The concreteness of this mattress is synonymous with strength and comfort

7 cm of Thermosensitive Memory Foam above 14 cm of polyurethane in density 30, give the mattress a feeling of perfect comfort. Covered in organic-cotton fabric, from organic farming and kept in its natural colour without the use of whiteners; it can be divided into two parts and features breathable perimeter band. Breathable 3D fabric perimeter band. High supporting capacity.



Excellent match between 6 cm D50 memory foam sheet and D 30 polyurethane sheet. All this is elegantly covered in Silver fabric, which can be divided into two parts. Breathable 3D fabric perimeter band. High supporting capacity.



50 Memory foam mattress with solid elastic polyurethane D30 for greater comfort. The covering can be divided into two parts for easier washing. Medium supporting capacity.



Mattress with 4 cm sheet of thermosensitive Memory Foam. Lower layer in medium supporting capacity polyurethane. Covering in mixed cotton fabric, fully removable and washable. Medium supporting capacity.