Sprung mattresses


Pocket sprung mattress

The excellence of the materials and attention to detail ensure high quality comfort thanks to 1600 individually wrapped springs that respond
precisely to pressure with differentiated and progressive load-bearing capacity. Upper layer with a soft sheet of water foam and the layer in contact with the body made of exclusive Breeze-Ocean, which favours heat dispersion. Outer covering in cashmere. Height cm 26


Pocket sprung mattress

Pocket spring mattresses are considered to be the most popular evolution of traditional sprung mattresses. The 800 springs (in the double bed version) inside the structure, are independent and individually wrapped in fabric pockets to guarantee perfect, customised support. The layer in contact with the body is made of a sheet of memory foam to ensure greater comfort.


Bonnell’s traditional springs combined with a comfortable layer of memory foam for sustained and enveloping comfort.


Orthopaedic sprung mattress

• Upholstered in cotton fabric
• Cotton/wool padding
• 3 cm polyurethane foam support
• Thermally bonded felt sheets
• Bonnell internal spring system consisting of 384 tempered steel springs (double size) with a diameter of 2.2 mm
• Anti-sagging polyurethane foam perimeter reinforcement
• Lateral band with fabric handles, air vents and inspection zip.


Orthopaedic sprung mattres

• Upholstered in cotton-blend fabric
• Padded with hypoallergenic insulating fiber
• 1.5 cm polyurethane foam support
• Bonnell system of internal springs
• Anti-sagging polyurethane foam perimeter reinforcement
• Lateral band with handles