Water Foam Mattresses



Upper sheet in shaped Water Foam
• D35 polyurethane base sheet
• Covering in chamomile fabric, removable and which can be split into two pieces

This mattress offers, in addition to natural well-being due to the quality of the Water Foam, specially shaped for increased body ventilation, also a high performance for above-average weights, thanks to the high supporting capacity of its base in polyurethane D35. It also offers the possibility of sleeping on both sides to suit individual preferences. High supporting capacity.



Nature at the service of well-being

For those who love natural materials, a mattress completely in Water Foam. A water-foamed polyurethane, without the use of CFCs. The coating is made of organic cotton, from organic cotton plantations and maintained in its natural colour, avoiding the use of whitening treatments. Removable covers that can be split into two pieces, for easier washing. High supporting capacity.