Leonflex was established in 1974 thanks to the commitment and experience acquired by Leonardo Pellegrino in the bed base manufacturing industry.

Right from the first years of operation, the company, which started business in a small artisan laboratory, had already carved itself out an important role in the sector, thanks to the high quality of its products, the care given to manufacturing and control processes, but also to the total dedication of the workforce and attention to customer needs.

In the small but industrious workshop, every processing stage was carried out by hand, from the bending of iron, to painting and right up to spring drawing. This was the beginning of an adventure that resulted in Leonardo introducing the first automatic machines.

Afterwards, the company’s growth was further boosted when his sons, Stefano and Danilo joined the firm. They introduced new lifeblood into a company now launched towards the national market.

Trust in technological innovation, interpersonal relationships, but also in the spirit of collaboration with customers and suppliers and experience acquired and transmitted, represent for the company the most valuable tool to support the development of the production organization. The company’s philosophy is such as not only to ensure its ongoing commitment towards product quality but also the environment. The new plant located in Castelnuovo di Porto is, in fact, equipped with clean energy and the raw materials used are all scrupulously top quality. Leonflex is a partner of major national companies, both in the field of direct distribution and in the supply of accommodation facilities. The company is able to satisfy the widest demands in terms of quality, range and punctual delivery of both services and products.

Stefano and Danilo Pellegrino